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The purpose of this page is to post information that has been sent to members via e-mail.  This will provide us with an on-going record of correspondence that can be viewed by anyone at anytime.

Having read each post, you can use this e-mail address : or a specific e-mail address included within a given post, should a reply be requested.


 e-News Wednesday 15th February 2017:

Hi all,

We are less than three weeks away from the 43rd running of the New Zealand Masters Track & Field Championships, being held this year in Nelson from Friday 3rd March to Sunday 5th March 2017!  Are you ready??

Entries have closed and on the NZMA Championship page you can view a list of those going and a draft copy of the fields as at today.  There are some large groupings within the field events and the LOC is currently looking at how best to run these events, which does mean there might some adjustments required to the start time.  If there are any changes, a new schedule of events will be posted on the NZMA Championships page …. so watch that space.

Officials Help Needed:  

As is always the case, there is a shortage of officials!  To help the LOC organise teams of officials prior to the event, can you please contact Derek Shaw ASAP at so your name can be added to the list.

NZMA AGM:  Just a reminder that at the AGM we will be discussing the proposed changes to the NZMA Constitution and By-Laws.  Both draft documents can be viewed from the NZMA Info / Documents page above.

World Masters Indoor Track & Field Championships:  March 19 – March 25  (Daegu)

While I have not seen a list of NZMA members who are attending this event, I know that we have 22 competitors going.  All information about this event can be seen on their website:

Michael Wray has been appointed the NZMA Team Manager.  Please contact him at  if you have any questions.  Good luck to all those going and I look forward to hearing about your trip.

World Masters Games 2017:  April 23 – April 30 2017  (Auckland)

This event, being held in Auckland, is coming up very soon and

I have been informed that entries for athletics are CLOSING THURSDAY 16th FEBRUARY.

Go to their website TODAY to get your entry in or you will miss out.

Andrew Stark

(NZMA President)


 e-News Tuesday 3rd January 2017:

Hi all,

ACTION Required NOW!  ….. Vetline Subscriptions – Next issue due January 2017  

Order TODAY or miss out on the January issue.

Only current financial members of NZMA (Competitive or Social) will receive Vetline issues during 2017, so if you have not rejoined NZMA, please do so NOW by contacting your local Master’s Centre by the end of the week.  If you are a member, you will receive the January Vetline.

If you are an ANZ Competitive member and have not already purchased your Vetline subscription and you would like to receive four issues of the Vetline magazine, you are required to purchase a subscription, either via your local Master’s Centre or directly via the NZMA website.

Either way, you have until Friday 6th January 2017 to order or you will miss out on the January 2017 issue.  To view PDF versions of previous issues or to purchase your new subscription – CLICK HERE

Andrew Stark

(NZMA President)

e-News Monday 12th December 2016:

Hi all,

Here is the latest information and e-News ….

NZMA AGM Notice, Service & Merit Awards and Athlete of Year Awards

Late last month all Centre Secretaries were sent information about the following and by clicking on each title below you can read those documents:

  1. Preliminary Notice of the NZMA AGM and NZMA Awards.
  2. Service and Merit Award Nomination Form.
  3. NZMA Athlete of Year Nomination Form.

The correct procedure is for these forms to be completed by Centre Secretaries and forwarded to the NZMA Secretary by the due dates.  I have included the forms here so you all know what is happening, what is required and by when.  You are welcome to nominate yourself via your Centre.  We would rather you do that than be overlooked by mistake, which has happened in the past.

NZMA Championships – Nelson (March 3rd to 5th 2017)

This event is open to all financial NZMA and ANZ Competitive Members.  If that’s you … then you can find out more information by CLICKING HERE.  At the NZMA AGM held during this weekend we will be voting on the Constitutional and By-Law changes, so please come along if you can.  More information about the proposed changes to both these documents will be posted soon.

Athletics NZ Member Benefits Programme … available to all

One of the advantages of NZMA creating the MoU with Athletics NZ is that we all can take advantage of the Member Benefits Programme that ANZ has organised with various companies.  So check out what’s on offer … you may be surprised at what you can save!!  CLICK HERE to find out more.

Finally, as 2016 draws to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all well for the festive season ahead … do your best to maintain some training, so when the competition starts again next year, you will be ready.

Andrew Stark

(NZMA President)


e-News Monday 24th October 2016:

Hi All,

By now, many of the NZMA members going to Perth will already be there or leaving in the next day or so.  Use this link (nzma-perth-list-2016-v2) to view a list of who is competing and what events they have entered in.  Good luck to you all.

For those back home, ‘as it happens’ or daily results will be posted on the Perth WMA 2016 website.


Andrew Stark

(NZMA President)


e-News Monday 10th October 2016 – Message from Malcolm Clark, NZMA Team Manager for Perth 2016:

As New Zealand Masters Team manager and with the World Championships only a couple of weeks away there are a few house keeping issues I would like to bring to your attention.

  1. I’m arriving in Perth on the 24th and I am staying at Mounts Bay Waters Apartment Hotel, 112 Mounts Bay Rd – this is near the city centre.  My phone number for texts or messages is +64 20 468 1012.  I know Andrew Stark is in the process of compiling a list of where you are all staying.  If you would like your name on this list, please let him know ASAP (e-mail Andrew).
  2. As many are staying and competing at various localities it will be difficult to get athletes together once the Championships commence.  I would like as many as possible to attend the Opening Ceremony [evening of the 25th].  We could have a team meeting prior to the ceremony – maybe 20 minutes before it starts.
  3.  The Registration Centre or Technical Information Centre [same thing] is where I will be for most of the 25th and I hope to meet many of you there.  We will have an information board at this venue and I would encourage you all to check it out regularly.  I will be posting relevant information on it on most days.  Please read your competition hand books and if you are unsure about anything ask an official.
  4.  Relay teams:  On the information board I will have a sheet where those that are interested in being in the relays [4 x 100 & 4 x 400]can list their names. I would expect to have the teams posted the morning before the 6th.  There are also team events in the cross country and road race walks.  So long as competitors are in the same race there is the opportunity to move athletes down age groups to form teams – but only if there are insufficient athletes in the younger age group.  I will be taking a close look at any opportunities here.
  5.  I will be attending as many daily management meetings as I can and following these will post any relevant information on our notice board.
  6.  Official NZMA Team Uniform:  Please make sure you have NZMA uniform as displayed on the uniform page on this website.  Click here if you are unsure and order one ASAP.  You will NOT be able to compete in an older version.

Finally I hope you are still all fit and well and that you enjoy your competition in Perth.  Looking forward to meeting you there.


Malcolm Clark
(NZMA Team Manager)


e-News Tuesday 20th September 2016 – NZMA Uniform requirements for WMA Perth 2016:

On Friday 16th of September, an e-mail indicating uniform requirements for Perth was sent to all those going, that have e-mail addresses. Click here for nzma-perth-list-2016.  In the final column of the PDF, I have indicated those of you that have replied, with a ‘yes’ if you commented about having the new uniform.  If you have not replied yet, please do so.

If you know of fellow competitors going to Perth, who do not have e-mail and may not be aware of this request … please help by passing on this request ASAP.

For those who did not receive the e-mail, if you intend to go to future OMA or WMA Championship events, this information will affect you too.  The new NZMA uniform has been around for several years, yet several members continue to wear older styles.  We would like to ‘tidy up’ the NZMA look at OMA or WMA events.  Accordingly, at a NZMA Board meeting held earlier this year, it was agreed that as from and including the WMA Championships in Perth 2016, the only acceptable NZMA uniform will be the latest version.

You can view the uniform options available in the NZMA Info section of the website.  For all uniform inquires, please contact Karen Gillum-Green directly at

Why is it important for you to comply?  Prior to this event, the LOC from Perth requested a detailed description of the NZMA uniform.  They will be checking what you are wearing against our description.  You risk not being able to compete if you are wearing an out of date uniform.  To avoid disappointment, please make sure you have the correct uniform.

Additional information for those going to Perth.

The following forms will be used at the WMA Championships.  Malcolm Clark ( who is our team manager will have copies.  However, please have a look at each form so you know what will be required should you need to use one of these forms.

  1. forms-v3-appeals
  2. forms-v3-change-of-entry-mark
  3. forms-v3-event-cancellation
  4. forms-v3-relay-teams
  5. forms-v3-non-stadia-team-declaration
  6. forms-v3-team-manager-room-booking
  7. forms-v3-team-manager-meeting-query

As mentioned in the e-mail last week, if you would like where you are staying in Perth added to my list, please let me know.  So that I know you have seen this e-mail can you please get back to me and if you have not replied about having the correct uniform, can you also please do so (

I look forward to seeing you in Perth and hope that your training is going well.


Andrew Stark